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June 20th, 2019 
Todd Black
Sales Representative
BUS:(416) 966-0300 CELL:(416) 731-7542


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Many of us have experienced it. Walking into a home for sale and failing to see its potential because it was cluttered, outdated or uninviting. Most home buyers find it difficult to look past the clutter or dated decor and imagine themselves living in that space. Getting your home ready for sale not only means ensuring it is in good mechanical order but also that it will make the best first impression on a potential home buyer. Here are a few suggestions:

1- Remove the clutter
This is particularly important in the kitchen and bathrooms. Organize countertops and cupboards so that they do not appear cluttered. You want to make your space appear clean, spacious and functional.

2- Depersonalize your property
Depersonalizing is a powerful selling tip. Pack away family photos, trophies, souvenirs, children artwork, etc. Potential buyers will be more attracted to your home if they can imagine themselves living there.

3- Enhance your curb appeal
How good does your home look from the street? This is the first impression a home buyer will get walking up to your house. Make sure it looks inviting. You might want put a coat of paint on the front door, add planters, flowers, etc.

4- Clean, clean, clean
Remember that a home buyer will look at your home with a critical eye, particularly when it comes to kitchen and bathrooms. You want to ensure that your home is as clean as possible, and minor issues repaired (cracked paint, dirty grout, rust stains). A clean home will give the impression of being loved and well care for.

5- Store away the excess
Most of us have more furniture than we really need in our homes. Pack away and store all extra furniture, accessories and toys that are not absolutely necessary. The more open a room is, the larger it will appear.   

6- How bright is your house?
Let there be light! Open up the curtains, or if you can, remove them completely to show potential buyers how bright your home really is.

7- Empty closets
Storage and closet space is a very important selling point of any home. To ensure that your storage space is showcased to its maximum potential, empty those closets! Pack away all out of season clothes and anything else you will not need in the short term. Buyers will open doors and peer into closets. You want them to be able to imagine that there will be space for their things.

7- How good does your house smell?
Most owner are immune to the odor of their pets and their home. Does your home smell of cigarette smoke, old tennis shoes, the fish you had last week or Fido when he’s wet? Smell is a very important sense and you want your home to make a good first impression on all the senses. Open the windows and air out the house. Use an air freshener or high-end fragrance. Also consider baking cookies before an open house.

Remember that when selling your home, your main goal is to make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. The first impression counts and the impression you want to make on a buyer is that “this place feels like home”.
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